Gallery Younique is established in Paris since 2005 by Mathias Bloch, young enthusiast, by modern and contemporary art. The gallery defends strong art works of the young international creation, questioning the perception of reality representation.

In 2011, the gallery changed adress and moved to the district of Croulebarbe-Gobelins. In a magnificent frame and right in the heart of the 13th, Gallery Younique is situated 63-65 rue Pascal, near the Cité Fleurie, artists studios built with recycling materials of the Paris World Fair of 1878, welcoming artists such as Gauguin, Modigliani or Cadiou.
This change boosted first of all the gallery's open-mindedness to a geographical and meaning diversity of young international artists, mainly coming from Asia and Latin America; but also, developed a dynamic of artistic and social participation in different companies "Off-the-walls", developing a contribution to the social and intergenerational link within the framework of state and private commissions; and finally, asserted a stronger presence in big european contemporary art fairs internationally known.

Gallery Younique soon plans to open a new space in Lima, Peru. To be one of the leaders in the Latin-American contemporary art represents a new challenge to come.

Member of Comité Professionnel des Galeries d'Art since 2013.